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Join our Doctors Network and make a meaningful impact within the Haitian community, or find a healthcare provider who understands your unique needs.

Building the largest Haitian Doctor Network

Join us in our mission to improve healthcare access and outcomes within the Haitian community.

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Are you a dedicated and compassionate healthcare professional looking to make a meaningful impact within the Haitian community? Joining our Doctors Network at The Haitian Community provides a unique opportunity to connect with patients who value culturally sensitive care.

Are you a healthcare provider and interested in joining the network?

As a dedicated healthcare provider, your expertise can make a significant difference in the lives of the Haitian community. By joining our Doctors Network at The Haitian Community, you can deliver compassionate, culturally sensitive care while building lasting connections with patients who value your unique understanding of their needs. Take the next step in enhancing your impact and professional growth. Become part of our supportive network and contribute to a healthier, more inclusive community today!

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Searching for the right healthcare provider is crucial in managing your well-being. We make it easy for patients to find the right doctor who understands their unique cultural and healthcare needs. Our user-friendly doctor search feature allows you to browse a diverse network of healthcare professionals, all with a strong connection to the Haitian community.

The Haitian Community partnered with Tri-Sis RCM

Tri-sis dedicated team of experts includes billing specialists, professional coders, and provider credentialing professionals, working to deliver exceptional results. HIPAA compliant and adhere to all CMS standards, ensuring the utmost privacy and security for your patients’ information.

Insurance Verification:

We ensure your clients have active coverage for their visits to reduce rejected claims.

Insurance Obtaining Authorizations for Services:

We ensure your clients have authorization for services prior to the start of care to reduce claim denials.

Client Account Creation:

We prioritize account creation to ensure all necessary client information is accurate, thus limiting errors in billing.

Claim Submission:

We audit all claims prior to submitting them to the clearinghouse to reduce claim delays.

Claim Follow-up:

We constantly monitor denials to avoid timely filing.

Claim Audits and More:

We continually monitor claims for denials to reduce the loss of provider reimbursement.

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